Active Array Antennas

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Active Array Antennas (WGA3)

Active Electronically Scanned Array Antennas allow for  great flexibilit y in the field-of-view and are less sensitive to failure because of the graceful degradation inherent to the distribution of the transmit and receive functions among a large number of elements. While originally developed for  defense applications , recent advances in semiconductor and antenna technology have paved the way toward the application of such solutions to other high-end domains, such as  mobile and satellite communication

To fully exploit the potential of active antenna solutions, expertise is required from the two worlds of antenna systems and active RF electronics.

The Main Mission
Purpose of the Working Group

The long term objectives are to  create a platform for networking and exchange activities ; to stimulate advances in active antenna technology and systems; to promote educational activities for undergraduate and graduate students; to increase the cooperation between EuMA and EurAAP, starting from active array antenna technology; to promote the discussion with most relevant stake-holders and end-users of active antenna solutions, including both industry and European institutions.

Chair and vice-chairs

Mauro Ettorre

Univ Rennes, CNRS

IETR (Institut d'Electronique et des Technologies du numéRique)


Bart Smolders
Eindhoven University of Technology,  Netherlands


Daniele Cavallo

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


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Software and Modeling Tools 
Working Groups

To create a platform to share and discuss topics of electromagnetic simulation software and modeling, to gather information of software and modeling and present the relevant information systematically and objectively to serve the Antennas and Propagation community in this area.   

  Martijn van Beurden


Working Groups

To improve Antenna measurement techniques for new wireless technologies,  to develop Standard procedures for different antenna measurements techniques and  for benchmarking of antenna measurement facilities, to provide  services for antenna measurement facilities and the wireless communication industry

  Maria Alberica Saporetti


Small Antennas
Working Groups

To Structure the European Small Antennas community, to  collect and disseminate research in the area of Small antennas and to foster international relations

 Eva Antonino Daviu


Working Groups

To increase visibility and perception of propagation both inside and outside of EurAAP and of the main European Conference on the topic, EuCAP.

 Vittorio degli Esposti


Women in Antennas and Propagation
Working Groups

To strengthen the women presence and involvement in the Antennas and Propagation community, particularly in Europe.

Francesca Vipiana