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Reviews of Electromagnetics (RoE)

Reviews of Electromagnetics (RoE) is the first EurAAP journal, created in 2020. Its first volume will be published in 2021. The journal is electronic only and gold open access. The journal covers general topics of electromagnetics in all frequency regimes, e.g., radio frequencies, microwaves, terahertz, and photonics.  More specifically, the journal’s interests include innovative contributions related to antennas, propagation, radiation, scattering, measurements, analytical and computational methods, and new phenomenology in the framework of a wide range of applications such as radio astronomy, radar, spectroscopy, and terrestrial and space-based communications.

RoE ISSN: 2709-4057 

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We are committed to the publication of only high-quality contributions, and we follow the strictest values of science and scholarly publishing. Our publication policies include peer-review with at least two independent reviewers. Our journal is committed to policies that cover professional conduct, publication rights, copyright, and research involving animal and human subjects. 
The journal has three formats: Roadmaps, Overviews, and Visions.


Roadmaps are intended to provide prompt understanding of recent research on a specific topic and the investigations to be done in the near future. Roadmaps provide high value for researchers who want to be initiated into a specific topic.


Overviews are intended to provide a coherent review of a specific research topic from an expert in this specific topic. Typically, the chosen topic must be mature enough so that there is a large and diverse literature from different research groups. Overviews must provide a coherent literature compendium and they must provide a thorough understanding of a topic in electromagnetics.


Visions are intended to present an incipient idea, not necessarily based on one specific design, which requires prompt publication. Visions need to demonstrate a coherent viewpoint of the potential of the new idea. The authors are encouraged to present their idea with a positive attitude about its value. However, its fundamental limitations must also be identified.

RoE Editorial Board

The RoE editorial board is a diverse and global group of active scientists and engineers appointed by the Editor-in-Chief

Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

Affiliation: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden  

Pablo Padilla
Digital Publication Editor and Editorship Board

Affiliation: University of Granada, Spain

Andrea Alu
Publication Advisor

Affiliation: City University of New York, USA  

Ana Diaz-Rubio
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Mauro Ettorre
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Michigan State University, USA  

Wenxuan Tang
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Southeast University, China

Francesca Mioc
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Archimedes MT Sàrl, Switzerland

Davide Comite
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Sapienza University, Italy

Joana Silva
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Leica Biosystems, Germany

Rafael F.S. Caldeirinha
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal

Francisco Pizarro
Editorship Board

Affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile

Wei Fan

Editorship Board

Affiliation: Aalborg University, Denmark

Ross Stone

In memoriam

Life Publication Advisor