How to organise a EuCAP Conference

EurAAP Publication Agreement

The use of material form a paper published in the proceedings of the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation up to the EuCAP 2019 edition requires a copyright permission form to be filled in. Please, fill in this form and return it as a word document.

Note that starting from EuCAP 2020 this permission request is no longer needed in accordance with the new EurAAP copyright policy.


With the heritage from AP 2000 and all previous EuCAPs, the EuCAP Steering Committee (StC) decided to make available the present set of guidelines in order to ensure EuCAP consistency and quality of EuCAP over the years. The key aim of these guidelines is to make the maximum re-use of past conference heritage all along the conference development phases from the preparation of the proposal, its consolidation after agreement with the EuCAP Steering Committee and up to the conference organization.

Part A
covers the preparation phase needed actions and expected content of proposals for hosting EuCAP.   Part B  covers the tasks for the consolidation and organization of the conference as well as the different chairs’ roles and responsibilities.



The EuCAP key requirements gives more details and figures for the conference preparation, consolidation and organization (see below) The EuCAP budget template enables the candidate to elaborate a budget with adequate figures regarding number of delegates, number of lunches … and check that all cost elements are present in his or her proposal (available on-demand). 


The EurAAP-PCO draft contract contains the anticipated agreement at the time of final negotiation. It is only for information at the time of the conference preparation (available on-demand).

The EurAAP Toolbox user manual provides all necessary info for using the EurAAP registration tool during the conference organization. It is only for information at the time of the conference preparation (available on-demand).

The EDAS user manual for EuCAP Chairs explains all the process for the technical program elaboration using the EDAS tool. It is only for information at the time of the conference preparation (available on-demand). Beside these documents, after a successful proposal, EurAAP gives access to the EuCAP Conference organizing Committee (CoC) a large set of documents and data repository with history, letter models, etc. For more information and documentation, please contact the EurAAP Chair 

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