Propagation is the core and integral part of every wireless system and investigations on propagation are the starting point for every new system that is designed from scratch or adapted to a new frequency range and/or operational environment. Although research in propagation has a long tradition in radio science, we are still far away from having answers to all propagation-related problems and questions arising from research, development, standardization, regulation and operation of wireless communications. On the other hand the propagation community is split into a couple of “sub-communities” as there are for example

  • Mobile Propagation
  • Satellite Propagation
  • Ionospheric Propagation
  • Terrestrial Propagation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Free-Space Optical Propagation

The separate sub-communities meet typically at separate conference. Still there are many topics common to each of these areas and form an exchange all can benefit. The European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)-organised by EurAAP - is the only big conference in Europe  where scientists representing the different areas are coming together enabling the exchange of information as well as networking across the different sub-communities.



The primary objective of the Working Propagation is to increase visibility and perception of propagation both inside and outside of EurAAP/EuCAP.

To achieve this main objective the WG Propagation works towards the following objectives

  • Ensuring a proper representation of propagation interests within EuCAP and EurAAP
  • Increasing the number of propagation and propagation-related submissions to EuCAP
  • Increasing the number of offered propagation and propagation-related courses within the European School of Antennas
  • Supporting project proposals on projects on propagation(for example within the COST framework)
  • Generating white papers on open research topics in propagation
  • Exchanging information with other propagation-related groups, e. g. of COST 15104 (IRACON), URSI, VTS Committee on Propagation, URSI, etc.



The Working Group Propagation is a large group with more than 115 participants from about 80 organizations in 18 countries. A plenary meeting takes place once a year during the EuCAP. Between two EuCAPs communications is organized via an e-mail reflector and linkedIn group. In order to ensure that working towards objectives is organized in an efficient way a board has been elected. The last election for the term 2015-2018 took place during the Working Group Meeting at EuCAP 2015 in Lisbon. The board meets monthly by phone conferences and consists of the following members:

  • Antonio Martellucci, ESA, Chair
  • Vittorio degli Esposti, Vice-Chair (new member)
  • Alain Sibille, Telecom Paris Tech (France)
  • Slawomir J. Ambroziak, Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
  • Erich Leitgeb
  • Katsuyuki Haneda (new member)
  • Thomas Jost (new member)
  • Joel Lemorton (new member)
  • Pavel Pechac, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Lorenzo Luini (new member)


Main Activities in 2018-2019

  • Short-Term Scientific Missions
    • FlavioJorge (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal)
  • LiaisonITU-R SG 3. 
Proposal of A. Martellucci as WG Rapporteur for SG3/WP activities 
  • EsoACourse on 
Short Range Radio Propagation
24-28 September 2018,
Braunschweig, Germany
  • EUCAP 2019
8 Convened sessions

Planned Activities in 2019-2020

  • Support the organizers of EuCAP2020 in the area of propagation
  • Maintain & update the “Map of experts”
  • Promote scientific exchange by performing 
  • Short-term Scientific Missions.
  • Organise Convened session“Propagation Activity in Europe” at ISAP 2019, Xian, China
  • ESoA Course “Mobile Radio Propagation for 5G and beyond”in Italy in June 
  • Finalise the “White Paper on Propagation”.
  • Foster liaisons to other propagation groups (e. g. URSI F, ITU-R SG3, COST-IRACON, VTS Committee on Propagation,)

Map of Experts

Within the WG Propagation the idea has been raised to build up a map of research groups/laboratories in Europe (and close countries), which will help to provide a consolidated view of the European capacity in propagation. As a result of this initiative a document has been created, which contains the data on research groups and laboratories, the so-called  “Map of Experts”. The current version of the document can be found here and contains the data, which has been collected so far. The document is, therefore, not complete and should be considered as a living one, to be updated regularly. Every research institution active in propagation, which wishes to be included in the document should fill the excel sheet provided with the document and send it to the contact person responsible for the “Map of Experts” within the WG Propagation Board: Dr Sławomir J. Ambroziak (e-mail:


Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

The Working Group issues yearly Call for Proposals for Short-Term Scientific Missions enabling the exchange of researches among EurAAP members. The sending and receiving host should come from different countries of the EurAAP region. Typical durations of missions are form two weeks up to two months. Travel cost are supported with up to 2500 € per mission. The reports from the awarded grants are published here:

  • STSM grant (2014) to Flavio Jorge (Instituto de Telecomunicações/Universidade de Aveiro) for a visit at Politechnico di Milano for joint work on “Interfade Duration  Analysis”





The Calls for Proposals are published via the Working Group reflector and the linkedIN page of the Working Group. For more information please contact Antonio Martelucci (e-mail: ).

Contact information

Name of WG: Propagation

Contact Name: Antonio Martellucci

Contact Email:




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