Volume 1, 2022


Material-based high-impedance surfaces for infrared photonic technologies
Author: Íñigo Liberal and José Manuel Pérez-Escudero

Abstract: Metamaterial high-impedance surfaces (HISs) are characterized by a boundary condition close to that of a perfect magnetic conductor (PMC). This property has enabled a variety of antenna systems such as low-profile antennas, electromagnetic absorbers and anti-radar systems. Here, we push forward the concept of material-based high-impedance surfaces (MatHISs), where a high-impedance boundary is directly obtained from the material properties of doped semiconductors and polar dielectrics at infrared frequencies. Technological advantages of MatHISs such as fabrication simplicity, large-area deployment and integrability into conformal devices suggest multiple applications for infrared photonic technologies, including dynamical thermal emitters, optoelectronic devices and basic research on atomically-thin materials.
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