Volume 3, 2024


Antenna Systems for Satellite Communication Terminals

Guest editors:  Stefania Monni, Enrica Martini
Authors:  Stefania Monni, Enrica Martini, Maria Carolina Viganó, Yanki Aslan, Antoine Roederer, Min Zhou, William H. Yatman, Antonio Clemente, Ronan Sauleau, David González Ovejero, Luigi Boccia, Emilio Arnieri, Mauro Ettorre, Francesco Foglia Manzillo, Cristian Della Giovampaola, Sergio Matos and Léonin Lassauce.

Abstract: This Roadmap presents the research trends on antenna systems for Satellite Communication terminals. To address the challenges posed by this application in terms of wide fractional bandwidth and large field-of-view, several antenna concepts and architectures are being investigated, which can be grouped in three main technology areas: fully electronic scan, fully mechanical scan with unconventional steering mechanisms and beam switching. Design techniques, current results and future developments are outlined, considering representative examples for each technology area.    

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