Volume 2, 2023


Single-Layer Dual-Band Satellite-IoT Terminal Antennas with Increased Beamwidth
Author: Ismael Vico Triviño, Miroslav Veljovic, Anja K. Skrivervik 

Abstract: In this Vision, we present an idea for a low-profile cost-effective, dual-band antenna with a small frequency ratio and enhanced beamwidth, suitable for dual-band bidirectional IoT satellite networks. A broader antenna beamwidth increases the number of Low-Earth-Orbit satellite contacts and decreases the IoT system latency. The proposed patch antenna uses a slot to enable the dual band operation and a set of parasitic elements to modify the radiation pattern in both frequency bands. We present an example operating in L band to illustrate the potential of this idea. The enhanced HPBW is on average 140º over the two frequency bands and all angular planes, which is an improvement of 41º in comparison to the same antenna without parasitic elements.  
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Antenna Measurement Challenges and Opportunities

Guest editors:  Olav Breinbjerg  and  Manuel Sierra-Castañer
Authors:  Olav Breinbjerg, Manuel Sierra-Castañer, Stuart F. Gregson, Thomas F. Eibert, Amedeo Capozzoli, Francesco D’Agostino, Andreas Ericsson,Giuseppe Vecchi, Anna Granich, Tian Hong Loh, Christian Hunscher, Jefferson A. Harrell, Paolo Focardi, Joshua Gordon, Luis Rolo, Paul Moseley, Matthias Hein, Francesco Saccardi, Cosme Culotta-López, Fabio Paonessa, Lars Jacob Foged, Wei Fan, Michael Foegelle, Claudio Massagrande, Roberto Flamini, Laurent Le Coq, Daniel Janse van Rensburg, Benjamin Fuchs, Fernando Las-Heras, Sergio Castelló-Palacios, Anja K. Skrivervik, Vince Rodriguez, Bruce Williams, Lucia Scialacqua, Jeff Fordham and Michael Havrilla.

Abstract: This Roadmap overviews present challenges and opportunities for the development of antenna measurement techniques and technologies to support the all-pervasive and ever-increasing demand for radio-frequency wireless systems in modern society. The Roadmap comprises 19 inspiring contributions by 34 leading experts in antenna measurements.   

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