Newly elected EurAAP Board of Directors
Delegate Assembly elections have been held in June 2021 to replace the EurAAP Directors ending their mandates

The outcome of the Delegate Assembly June 2021 elections to replace the EurAAP Directors ending their mandates is as follows.
As for the 1st of January 2022, the EurAAP Board of Directors will be constituted by:

- Stefania Monni:                       Chair
- Oscar Quevedo-Teruel:         Vice Chair
- Anja Skrivervik:                         Secretary (ending her mandate by end 2022)
- Rafael Caldeirinha:                 Secretary elect (take up duty as Secretary by 1st                                                       January 2023)
- Maria Alberica Saporetti:       Director
- Zvonimir Sipus:                         Director
- Ross Stone:                               Director
- Giuseppe Vecchi:                    Director

The current BoD is extremely happy and confident for the future having a renewed Board that still covers well all domains of EurAAP with actors from universities and industry as well as gender diversity.

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