International Women's Day

Working Groups

Women in Antennas and Propagation

The general goal of the  Women in Antennas and Propagation  Working Group is to strengthen the women presence and involvement in the Antennas and Propagation community, particularly in Europe. 
The working group will offer a framework in which discussing the needs of the community and devising actions aimed at supporting these needs. One of the items that has emerged is that only a few female candidates apply to vacancies in industry or large research and technology organizations. A way to address this point could be either through presentations from employees of these organizations highlighting the career opportunities for women, e.g., by sharing a personal experience/the experience of a colleague, or through presentations of the HR department, e.g., providing suggestions on the preparation of an application and the job interview, and/or suggestions for career growth/career step. 

The Main Mission
Purpose of the Working Group

Purpose of the Working Group long-term objectives  of the Women in Antennas and Propagation Working Group are: 
    •  Encourage  women towards a carrier in antennas and propagation; 
    •  Provide  instruments that facilitate young women at the beginning of their carrier; 
    •  Raise  awareness among the members of the community of Antennas and Propagation about the barriers preventing the integration of women; 

    •  Foster  implementation of local measures in research laboratories and institutions to help bridging this gap..

Contact the Chairs for more Info

Francesca Vipiana

Politecnico Torino, Italy

María García Vigueras

Institut National de Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Rennes, France

Stefania Monni

TNO, The Netherlands

Vice Chair

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