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Reviews of Electromagnetics (RoE) has three article formats: Roadmaps, Overviews, and Visions. All the formats in RoE are published as open access. The costs for publication are requested from the authors after the paper is accepted. The costs are €2,000 for a road map, €1,000 for an overview, and €500 for a vision.

Roadmaps are intended to provide a prompt understanding of recent research on a specific topic and investigations to be done in the near future. Roadmaps provide high value for researchers who want to be initiated into a specific topic.

A roadmap is typically initiated by one or two guest editors who are responsible for inviting respected researchers on a specific topic. The organization of a roadmap requires contacting several researchers, so it is highly recommended that the RoE Board be contacted before starting to prepare a roadmap. The RoE board will provide guidance and feedback about the topic and the intended contributors. However, guest editors can directly submit a contribution to our submission system and its publication will be evaluated.

A roadmap typically includes a brief introduction to the overall topic written by the guest editors. This introduction has a maximum of one page. Each roadmap typically has between 10-15 contributions from authors belonging to different institutions that are diverse in terms of industry/academia and regions. Each of the contributions has a maximum of two pages, two authors, two figures, and 20 references. At least one contribution from industry is strongly requested, specially for topics with direct practical/industrial application.

Template for roadmaps. This template is only available in LaTeX.

Overviews are intended to provide a coherent review of a specific research topic from an expert (or experts) in this specific topic. Typically, the chosen topic must be mature enough so that there is a large and diverse literature from different research groups. Overviews must provide a coherent literature compendium, and they must provide a thorough understanding of a topic in electromagnetics.

The author who decides to write an overview must demonstrate being an expert in this specific topic. However, an overview is not intended to be a review of the work of one single author. A comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art, including the most relevant authors/groups who have worked on this topic, must be incorporated in the contribution. Overviews have no limitations on number of pages, figures, and references. A large number of references that includes the most significant work done in the chosen topic is typically the case.

Template for overviews. This template is only available in LaTeX.

Visions are intended to present an incipient idea, not necessarily based on one specific design, which requires prompt publication. Visions need to demonstrate a coherent viewpoint of the potential of the new idea. The authors are encouraged to present their idea with a positive attitude about its value. However, its fundamental limitations must also be identified.

Due to the nature of the visions, only a few authors (typically not more than two authors) will present the incipient idea. The maximum number of figures in a vision is two. Visions are limited to two pages, with one extra page for references. Since one page for references is provided, authors are encouraged to cite any work that is related to their idea, identifying the main differences with respect to those works.

Template for visions. This template is only available in LaTeX.

All the submissions must be done through our manuscript submission system.

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