ESoA Best teachers

ESoA pay attention to teaching quality by making an evaluation for each ESoA courses. All students put a score from 1 to 5 to each teacher of the course. The final index of a teacher is obtained by averaging the scores of each teachers in each course she/he gives. 

Best Teachers 2019 ex-aequo

F. Ferrero                     L.Lizzi                  

 ESoA 2020 best teacher_fabien Ferrero           

Best Teachers 2018 ex-aequo

A. Skrivervik                      G. Toso

 Anja K. Skrivervik          G. TOSO 

Best Teacher 2017

A. Galli


Best Teachers 2016 ex-aequo

G. Vecchi                        L. Jofre


Best Teacher 2015

Olav Breinbjerg

Olav Breinbjerg

Best Teacher 2014

Yahya Rahmat Samii

Yahya Rahmat Samii

Best Teacher 2013

Olav Breinbjerg

Olav Breinbjerg

Best Teacher 2012

Werner Wiesbeck

Werner Wiesbeck

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