PhD: Design of magneto-electric antennas and metasurfaces antennas in compact cavities for flying systems


Position type: PhD student

Short description of the position: Integrating an antenna onto a specific platform requires its miniaturization and its placement in a metallic cavity. The main consequence is the reduction of the bandwidth, whereas the communication systems need more and more bandwidths. This PhD aims at investigating antennas in small cavities with multiple resonances for wideband or multi-band operations, for the various bands of GNSS.

Deadline for application : 2019 / 04 / 20

Location: Institut Franco-Allemand de Recherches de Saint-Louis (ISL), 5, rue du Général Cassagnou, BP 70034, 68301 Saint Louis Cedex, France

Hosting company / institution: Institut d’Electronique et de Telecommunications de Rennes (IETR), University of Rennes 1, 263 avenue General Leclerc, 35042 Rennes

Start date: 01/10/2019

End date (if applicable): 31/09/2022

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