EurAAP Regional Delegates election (2021-2023)

deadline for application: november 26

The election for the EurAAP Regional members in the Delegate Assembly is approaching.

The vote will be open from November 30 to December 14.

Results will be announced by December 18.

Only EurAAP members can be candidates. If you want to be candidate and you are not a EurAAP member, please go first on "Users " (in the top menu) to subscribe and pay for your membership. 


Candidates are asked to identify themselves and provide a short Bio at the latest by November 26 to Cyril Mangenot (EurAAP Chair) at 


The Board of Directors would like to invite all the EurAAP members to consider being candidates for the position of Regional Delegate. The following recalls some basic grounds to support you in your decision:


  • The Regional Delegates are representatives of geographical European and non-European regions. They are expected to monitor the work of EurAAP and its Board of Directors, and act as liaisons with their respective geographic areas.

  • The Regional Delegates meet once a year during the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation at the EurAAP Delegate Assembly. Delegate has access to the DA meeting but is not entitled to a free EuCAP registration. 

  • The Regional Delegates have to commit to disseminating the information on EurAAP activities to all the members in their region, to gather the feedback from the members, and interact with national and local organisations, assist them in their work and represent EurAAP at a local level. 

  • The EurAAP Delegate position is a first step and the unique opportunity to access to more responsibility within EurAAP ( candidates to a director position are originated from the DA). 

  • Any EurAAP member can be a candidate (as long as not already elected 2 times), or propose another person for the election. If this person is currently not a member, she/he shall register to EurAAP first by the 26 November.

  • The new Regional Delegates will be appointed on the first of January 2021 for a 3-year duration, in coincidence with the expiry date of the term of the preceding DA.

  • For information, the EurAAP statutes and internal rules are available

  • The current list of Regional delegates is given in the following table. Note that some of the delegates cannot be a candidate as already elected twice. A good occasion for you to raise your hand!




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