Software and Modeling

One of the trends observed in most engineering fields over the last 25 years is the increasing importance of software, more specific CAE tools to model, design, and synthesize the devices under consideration. The antenna and propagation community is no exception. During the last 10 years, we have seen several commercial tools emerging as quasi-standards. However, these tools do not have all the answers. Even today, a lot of European universities, research institutes, and companies have developed and still are developing their own (in-house) dedicated antenna and propagation software.

The main mission of the EurAAP WG on Software and Modeling Tools is to organize community activities around these issues. More specifically the goals are:

  • to monitor and follow-up new developments in the antenna and propagation software community,
  • to continuously update the inventory of software tools,
  • to organize benchmarking cycles for antenna and propagation software, linked to the convened sessions at the EuCAP conference,
  • to further discuss, develop, and promote the EDX effort and continue the EDI development and maintenance,
  • based on the EDX, and following similar initiatives in other fields of science, to work towards a European Library of Software routines for antenna and propagation analysis,
  • to initiate, stimulate, and foster cooperation between the pool of software vendors on the one hand and the antenna and propagation software community at large on the other hand.



New team for WG on Software and Modeling


  • Martijn van Beurden: chair

Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering 

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


  • Miloslav Capek: vice-chair

Associate Professor at the Department of Electromagnetic Field 

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic


  • Jaume Anguera: vice-chair 

    Founder partner at FractusAntennas (Chief Scientist) and 

    Associate Professor at UniversitatRamon LLull, Barcelona, Spain.

Contact information

Name of WG: Software and Modeling

Contact Name:  Martijn van Beurden

Contact Email: