EurAAP Chair newsletter September 2016

After the summer break, the newly elected EurAAP Board in 2016 and all Working Groups and Committees are resuming their work to advance in their respective activities and open new perspectives for EurAAP. This newsletter provides updates on the main points that have been addressed in the last months, and give some insight on the work planned for the next months on:

1. Interactions / collaborations with related societies
2. EurAAP Website and services
3. EurAAP management and Working Groups
4. EurAAP Awards
5. European School on Antennas
6. EuCAP next editions
7. EurAAP is your’s

1) EurAAP is finalizing an agreement with the International Steering Committee of The International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) for a multi-year Memorandum of Understanding between both associations. This MoU is expected to be signed by both chairs during ISAP2016 in Okinawa. This cooperation has been very fruitful in the past, with positive effects on the EuCAP and ISAP conferences. From EurAAP side, we would like to thank the ISAP Steering Committees for the good cooperation over the years. We look forward to a successful and lasting relationship in the next years.

Also, EurAAP is in contact with the URSI to establish an MoU between both our associations. This MoU should facilitate exchange of information between EurAAP and URSI, as well as the information of events organized by them, thus benefiting the members of both. We hope to be able to announce the signature of the MoU very soon.

2) In the last months, a lot of effort has been invested in improving the EurAAP website . It is our aim to make it interesting for all our members, and for the antennas and propagation community at large. We try to keep the information there updated and relevant, including sections such as news, events and career opportunities. Have a look at it! Our goal is to keep it alive, enhance the communication with all EurAAP members and offer various useful services to our Community. Of course, there is always room for improvement, and criticism, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Also, do not hesitate to contact us with information you want to have included in the website. A living website requires the participation of all EurAAP members!

Remember that free of charge access to all papers from the last 10 EuCAP editions is granted to all EurAAP members with login and password at

The board also reviewed the EurAAP internal rules. As EurAAP has evolved and grown, it was necessary to modify its internal rules to better match the reality of our association, which has now left its founding phase and has reached a mature status. The new internal rules have been approved by the Delegate Assembly, and are now available on the EurAAP webpage.

3) EurAAP has also continued its policy of funding project proposals from its Working Groups. A special budget has been allocated for these initiatives. Last grant has been awarded to the European School of Antennas for supporting Invited speakers at ESoA courses. Please remember that the next deadline for submitting proposals is December 31st.

4) The call for the EurAAP Awards 2017 will be soon published. These awards were established to recognize members of our community who have been an example for all of us. In 2016, Prof. Ernst Bonek received the EurAAP Propagation Award “for worldwide leadership and management of propagation research in general and specifically in the area of channel modelling for multiple-input multiple-output systems.”; while the EurAAP Antenna Award was received by Prof. Juan R. Mosig “for his contributions to integral equations for stratified media problems and for his leadership role as founder and chairman of EuCAP and EurAAP.” The Awards were presented during the EuCAP conference dinner in Davos. Please consider nominating and endorsing some names for 2017!

5) The European School of Antennas has also had a very successful year. Remember, there are still some courses in 2016 which you may be interested to attend. See . The programme for 2017 will be published soon.

6) After the large success of EuCAP 2016, EurAAP is looking forward to the next edition in Paris. Further information is available at the conference website, By attending the EuCAP you will remain, at no cost, an EurAAP member for another year.

EuCAP 2017 Announcement 

The preparations of next EuCAP are progressing well with the 2018 edition in London and the consolidation of EuCAP 2019 which is expected to be hosted in Krakow. And the future is bright, with very interesting candidates for 2020, 2021 and 2022. The EuCAP Steering Committee will be taking some exciting decisions in the next months.

With the aim to further improve our conference a survey has recently been done together with the IEEE-APS Industrial Initiatives Committee chair.

EurAAP has now consolidated agreements for having the best EuCAP papers, typically 30 in an augmented format, considered for inclusion in special editions of the EuMA International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies and IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation journals. This new opportunity to increase the visibility of your work has been pioneered in 2016 and will be pursued for the EuCAP 2017 in Paris.

7) Lastly, as stated above, the Board would like to enhance the participation of all EurAAP members. In particular, we are trying to reach out for East European Members. Please provide your feedback and suggest new activities to bring more life into our society by contacting one of the EurAAP board members at

We look forward to the next months full of EurAAP activities!

Cyril Mangenot, EurAAP Chair

Marta Martínez Vázquez, Vice Chair

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