Open PhD position at IETR Rennes

PhD at IETR Rennes: Compact Superdirective Antennas in VHF/UHF band

Nowadays, more and more RF wireless equipment’s require not only the miniaturization of the electronics components but also of the antennas integrated in mobile devices. This miniaturization is not done without the decreasing of efficiency, bandwidth, directivity and gain. Moreover, the miniaturized antenna presents a quasi-omnidirectional radiation pattern then, due to the development of the Internet of Things, some applications could require radiation patterns with directives shape in order to decrease the environmental effect of wireless communication (electromagnetic pollution, interferences...). To address these issues, research about superdirective antennas have emerged since few years to develop electrically small antennas with directive patterns which offer new functionalities and uses of the smart objects.

In this study, we propose to develop innovative superdirective antennas in VHF/UHF band (under 400MHz). The goal is to replace existing large antennas used for measurement by wide band compact superdirective antennas which will be optimized with theoretical and numerical methods developed at IETR.

Proposed works
The study will begin with a state of the art about superdirective antennas then the best small antenna
candidates will be chosen to realize compact superdirective antennas. These antennas will be optimized in terms of directivity and bandwidth to compete with existing antennas used currently for RF measurements in VHF/UHF frequency bands (horn, Vivaldi, ...). In the last part of this thesis, some prototypes will be realized in order to validate numerical results with characterization facilities available in IETR or DGA.


PhD application requirements
• Candidate profile: vacancy for a French candidate or from the European community (including Switzerland) and less than 27 years, holds a degree in engineering or a master research with excellent grades at the end of the academic year 2016/2017.
• To apply: the candidature file submitted must be of high quality before the 21 st of April 2017: send a CV + recommendation letters + marks obtained over the last three years + motivation letter.
• Starting date: October 2017. Duration: 36 months.

Keywords: Electromagnetics, Electrically Small Antennas, Superdirective antennas

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