Millimeter-wave technologies for biomedical electromagnetics: multi-physics microdosimetry

Millimeter-wave (MMW) technologies are increasingly used for various applications (5G, biomedical applications, etc.). Recently, our research team has demonstrated the possibility of selective focusing of heating in cutaneous and sub-cutaneous layers by means of MMW for thermal treatments. This opens a door to new potential applications of MMW in the field of biomedical electromagnetics, including selective targeting of skin cancers. The main purpose of this PhD research project is to analyze EM field and temperature distributions at cellular level in order to gain an insight into local micro- and submm-scale phenomena occurring during exposure of the human body to MMW.


Deadline for application:

April 15, 2018


France, Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, IETR

Hosting institution:

IETR (, Rennes, France

Start date:

Sept. 2018

End date:

Sept. 2021


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Contact person(s):

Dr. Maxim ZHADOBOV (

Prof. Ronan SAULEAU (


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