Virtual Centre of Excellence

The EurAAP VCE WG was created in order to continue the ACE NoE services offered by the VCE. The mission of the Working Group is to develop and maintain the IT Infrastructure needed for the activities of the EurAAP Association and its Working Groups.

In the beginning, only few Internet domains were owned by EurAAP (i.e. and only the website www.antennasVCE was running. The VCE was hosted on the ACE Server, located at the University of Florence, with difficulties in guaranteeing a good quality of service (24/7) and suffering from the University internal traffic and bandwidth

Along the years, the EurAAP VCE Working Group worked to implement the evolution of the EurAAP IT Infrastructure in order to satisfy the requests emerged from the needs of the Association and the activities of its Working Groups, by the following services:

Control and management of the EurAAP domains (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Develop and maintenance of the EurAAP websites (,,,,,,,, including the publication of the content received from the EurAAP members and the EurAAP email addresses management.

Design, develop and maintenance of the EurAAP Member Interface, a software able to  manage our 1000+ EurAAP members, including the member acceptance process, the email contact desk, the distribution of messages, etc.

Design, develop and keep updated the EurAAP Online Payments, a plug-in for the online transactions of our members, including the remote helpdesk for our customers, the monitor of the success/failed transfers, the links towards the administrative support, etc.

Develop and maintain specific online functions for EurAAP, such as the Election Service, to be used every 3 years for the elections of the Delegates Assembly and the Board of Directors, or the EuCAP Papers Publication service, to provide the online access to the EuCAP papers for our Members.

An improved hosting service, by the support of a professional Server Farm with larger bandwidth (the Server inherited by ACE was left at the University of Florence).

The abovementioned activities are carried out in strict synergy with the other EurAAP WG and in line with the EurAAP Corporate guidelines about the EurAAP image and brand.


Contact information

Name of WG: Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE)

Contact Name: Dr. Bruno Casali

Contact Email: