EurAAP Working groups in brief

WG Software and Modeling Tools

Coordinator: Guy Vandenbosch

One of the trends observed in most engineering fields over the last 25 years is the increasing importance of software, more specific CAE tools to model, design, and synthesize the devices under consideration. The antenna and propagation community is no exception. During the last 10 years, we have seen several commercial tools emerging as quasi-standards. However, these tools do not have all the answers. Even today, a lot of European universities, research institutes, and companies have developed and still are developing their own (in-house) dedicated antenna and propagation software.


The main mission of the EuRAAP WG on Software and Modeling Tools is to organize community activities around these issues.
More specifically the goals are:

  • to monitor and follow-up new developments in the antenna and propagation software community, 

  • to continuously update the inventory of software tools, 

  • to organize benchmarking cycles for antenna and propagation software, linked to the 
convened sessions at the EuCAP conference, 

  • to further discuss, develop, and promote the EDX effort and continue the EDI development and maintenance, 

  • based on the EDX, and following similar initiatives in other fields of science, to work towards a European Library of Software routines for antenna and propagation analysis, 

  • to initiate, stimulate, and foster cooperation between the pool of software vendors on the one hand and the antenna and propagation software community at large on the other hand.

Contact information
Name of WG: Working Group on Software and Modeling Tools
Contact Name: Prof. Guy A. E. Vandenbosch
Contact Email:


WG Measurements

Coordinator: Sergiy Pivnenko

The EurAPP working group on antenna measurements constitutes a framework for cooperation to advance research and development of antenna measurements in support of the ever- increasing use of wireless technology in modern society. 

Specifically, the EurAPP WG5 will pursue the following long-term objectives:

  • Antenna measurement techniques for new wireless technologies 

  • Standard procedures for different antenna measurements techniques 

  • Standard procedures for benchmarking of antenna measurement facilities 

  • Services for antenna measurement facilities and the wireless communication industry 

  • Mobility of personnel and sharing of technical resources 

  • Educational activities for universities and industry 

  • Cooperation/networking with other professional organizations on antenna measurements

Also, this working group has established a long-term cooperation with the COST actions in antenna area (specifically action IC1102-VISTA), with the AMTA Europe Volunteer Group (Antenna Measurement Techniques Association) and with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering).

Contact information
Name of WG: Measurements
Contact Name: Sergey Pivnenko
Contact Email:


WG Social Aspects

Coordinator: Marta Martínez

WG6 aims at increasing the visibility of EurAAP and supporting the social aspects related to the association. The main activity is aimed at consolidating the EurAAP award, which was splitted into two awards starting in 2015 (EurAAP Antenna Award and EurAAP Propagation Award). Also, a new Award has been introduced, funded by the Leopold Felsen Fund, to recognise the work of early carreer investigators (under 40 years of age).


To approach the problems, three main objectives have been established: 

  • The future of electrical engineering 
  • EurAAP women participation 

  • To contact with the society, including dissemination and public recognition

Contact information
Name of WG: Social Aspects
Contact Name: Dr. Marta Martínez-Vázquez
Contact Email:


WG Small Antennas

Coordinator: Pavel Hazdra

Web of group:

EurAAP Working Group on Small Antennas is a research and development consortium composed out of leading European labs in the field of small antennas and related areas. It has started in the ACE network of excellence founded by the European Union. The group has currently 51 members from 22 institutions.

There are several focus areas within the group: UWB, Implantable and Wearable Antennas, Small Antennas for Millimeter-Wave Applications and Terminal Antennas.

Contact information
Name of WG: Small Antennas
Contact Name: Pavel Hazdra
Contact Email:


WG Focusing Antenna Systems: New Focus

Coordinator: Ronan Saleau

WG8 (supported by the ESF RNP NEWFOCUS) is a European initiative that was launched in order to promote research and education at the European level in the domain of emerging millimeter (mm) and sub-mm wave technologies aimed at the development of a new generation of communication and exploration systems, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links for far-field and near-field applications (e.g. indoor and outdoor high-data-rate communication at mm-waves), communication with satellites and moving platforms, intelligent transport systems, passive and active imaging/sensing, security and surveillance systems in public areas, etc.

The ultimate goal of the WG8/Newfocus consists in gathering and sharing expertise and know-how on integrated focusing systems (and feeds) spread all over Europe in order to strengthen and consolidate education and research in this field. To reach this goal, the following technical objectives have been formulated: 

  • To maintain and strengthen the networking in the field of focusing and collimating antenna systems in Europe,
  • To contribution to the development of advanced electromagnetic modelling techniques and CAD tools using complementary formulations for the analysis, synthesis and optimizations of integrated focusing systems,
  • To consolidate the research efforts aimed at innovations in the mm and sub-mm technologies with a particular emphasis on aperture antennas and integrated focusing systems,
  • To promote the benchmarking of the measurement facilities at mm and sub-mm waves,
  • To enable and stimulate the researchers’ mobility at the European level,
  • To follow-up emerging applications, technologies and materials,
  • To support education in the field of mm/submm antenna technologies.

Contact information
Name of WG: Focusing Antenna Systems
Contact Name: Prof. Ronan Sauleau
Contact Email:


WG Propagation

Coordinator: Antonio Martellucci

Propagation is the core and integral part of every wireless system and investigations on propagation are the starting point for every new system that is designed from scratch or adapted to a new frequency range and/or operational environment.
Although research in propagation has a long tradition in radio science, we are still far away from having answers to all propagation-related problems and questions arising from research, development, standardization, regulation and operation of wireless communications.

The primary objective of the Working Group Propagation is to increase visibility and perception of propagation both inside and outside of EurAAP/EuCAP.

To achieve this main objective the WG Propagation works towards the following objectives

  • Ensure a proper representation of propagation interests within EuCAP and EurAAP
  • Increase the number of propagation and propagation-related submissions to EuCAP
  • Increase the number of offered propagation and propagation-related courses within the European School of Antennas
  • Support project proposals on projects on propagation (for example within the COST framework)
  • Generate white papers on open research topics in propagation
  • Exchange information with other propagation-related groups, e. g. COST, VTS Committee on Propagation, URSI, ITU-R

Contact information
Name of WG: Propagation
Contact Name: Antonio Martellucci
Contact Email:


WG Active Array Antennas

Coordinator: Stefania MONNI
Co-coordinators: Bart Smolders (TU/e), Daniele Cavallo (TUD)

The general goal is to establish a framework that facilitates discussion and networking between researchers on active antenna technology and systems in Europe such to stimulate the cooperation.

The specific objectives of the WG Active Array Antennas are :

  • Increase the cooperation between EuMA and EurAAP, starting from active array antenna technology; 
  • Create a platform for networking and exchange activities; 
  • Stimulate advances in active antenna technology and systems;
  • Promote educational activities for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Promote the discussion with most relevant stake-holders and end-users of active antenna solutions, including both industry and European institutions. 

Contact information
Name of WG: WG Active Array Antennas
Contact Name: Stefania MONNI, Senior Scientist, Radar Technology
Contact Email: 
Affiliation:          TNO
Adress:             Netherlands, T +31 (0)88 866 40 74

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