EuCAP in brief

The European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) provides the legal frame as well  as the contractual and financial support to organise the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) overseen by the EuCAP Steering Committee (StC).

The mission of the conference is to provide a forum for Antennas and Propagation experts from academia, industry, research institutes, agencies, and providers for high quality exchanges covering all development aspects and including measurements. Expected benefits are intensified collaborations in Europe and beyond. To that aim, tools such as application tracks, industrial workshops, technical tours have been implemented. As well, the conference includes an exhibit to display the state-of-the-art on technology, instrumentation, test facilities, software tools, and documentation available in the field of the conference.

EuCAP roots go back to the British ICAP with oral sessions, good beer and whisky; the Mediterranean JINA, with plenary and poster sessions and its famous food and wine; and the more continental AP2000, in Davos, combining them, with a pinch of European salt.

Organised each year since 2006, EuCAP attracts between 1000 to 1300 delegates and 40 to 65 exhibitors and has become over the years a major and referenced event in the area of antennas and propagation. EuCAP attracts a wide audience from all continents with a  constant grow of attendance experienced year after year.

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